Tiffany J. Shuttleworth

About Me

I'm the second driving force behind Wrap Swag alongside Michael. While he focuses on expanding our entertainment industry clientele and refining our approach to crafting custom wrap gifts at scale, my role as Vice President revolves around design, execution, and discovery. 

One of my passions is discovering the latest and coolest artists, products, and companies to offer our clients unique gift options. From cultivating artist relationships to managing client interactions and overseeing project timelines, I ensure every aspect of our creative process is seamless and innovative. 

Beyond entertainment, I take pride in extending Wrap Swag's reach to education, community, and small business sectors. Serving as the primary contact for these clients allows me to foster meaningful connections and deliver tailored solutions that resonate. 

With a background spanning animation, film, TV, and web production, I've accrued a wealth of experience and credits to my name. Staying abreast of entertainment trends, emerging artists, and digital advancements fuels my passion for producing and designing. It's not just a job; it's a way to stay ahead and inspire through creativity. 

At Wrap Swag, we're not just about delivering exceptional gifts—we're about setting trends and making each project a memorable experience. Whether it's collaborating with major networks or supporting local initiatives, I'm dedicated to ensuring our clients receive nothing short of excellence. Let's create something extraordinary together!