Michael Horn, President

Michael Horn Crew Gifts

About me

I started my journey in the vibrant 1990s as a merchandise specialist for some of the biggest rock bands of the grunge and post-grunge eras. Back then, the industry was essentially nonexistent, but I quickly made a name for myself with a creative and innovative approach. Taking advantage of new production methods and a hands-on client management style, I grew my fledgling operation into a thriving screen-printing business that proudly served major brands like Walmart and NASCAR. 

Alongside building my business, my reputation as a custom screen-printer extraordinaire flourished. Today, much of Wrap Swag’s new business comes through referrals, with clients often saying, “Just call Michael—he’ll handle everything and take good care of you.” 

One of the key reasons clients trust me is my deep expertise in screen-printing, embroidery, and other processes. I pride myself on not needing to rely on suppliers or anyone else for guidance throughout the entire process. 

At Wrap Swag, we blend professionalism with a touch of humor to ensure each project reflects your unique style and personality. Whether outfitting rock bands or branding merchandise for corporate giants, we deliver exceptional results that leave a lasting impression. With me leading the way, you can expect top-notch expertise and personalized service that goes above and beyond.